Gallery #20 - 05.98
P.L. Mol - Netherlands
the artist's last straw once again perceived
as a thorn in the eye of the connoisseur
Cat.Nr. 1263 d.d. 30.04.98
Pieter Laurens Mol - The Netherlands

K. Schranzer - Australia
This is a personal emblem. It is formal, classical, and has Metaphysical and surreal connections. This expresses the interest, philosophy, and style of much of my artistic production. Symbolic (phallic) chimney stacks (here, placed on their sides) recur in my work often so are appropriately incorporated into the emblem as is the de Chirico-esque mannequin head. The text nulla dies sine linea (not a day without a line) was chosen because my drawing is purely linear in its nature. The Latin phrase sums up my oeuvre well.
Cat.Nr. 1264 d.d. 04.05.98
Kurt Schranzer - Australia
nulla dies sine linea

D. Greenslade - United Kingdom
Here is the fishbone we made from a needle and this is the plan for your escape. Here is the bridle and here are stables where a horse will be waiting. Release this fish into the calm ocean of your pillow. Press your hands to the cold anger of your breast. We have salvaged a future from your memories and a past, when you are ready, wrapped in this black scarf. Take these ashes and take this beer made from their thirst. You will go - at first upward then later down - exactly by the same sequence of frightening events. This will bother you but remember your way is always down. Take the fishbone and tap at the domestic waters - tears, saliva, sinks, urine, ointments and holy baths. Knock at the great rock of time's reluctant womb. You will never have the chance of seeing us again. Keep the fishbone as a souvenir, a way of new remembering. Thread it with a seam of oak. Stitch the valley back into the sky.
The logo is by IWAN BALA who is a accomplished Welsh artist, prominent and busy etc. The logo in this case has been further honoured by two prose poems: Both of wich have been published in a book and in magazines. 

Here is one of the poems honouring this logo.
Cat.Nr. 1266 d.d. 11.05.98
David Greenslade - United Kingdom

 P. Petasz - Poland
Cat.Nr. 1267 d.d. 10.05.98
Pawel Petasz - Poland

Gallery # 19
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