Gallery #29 - 07.98

 Andrey Isakovsky - Russia
Cat. Nr. 1308 d.d. 09.07.98
Andrey Isakovsky - Russia

Enzo Miglietta - Italy
Cat. Nr. 1309 d.d. 10.07.98
Enzo Miglietta - Italy
il mondo come libro - the world like book

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Adriano Bonari - Italy
My name is Adriano Bonari and I'm born in Bergamo (Italy) in 24/3/39. 
My sign zodiacal is aries simbol of obstinancy and constancy,two side of my character 
that are present in everythings I do. 
There are three important things in my life: my family, the art and sport my fellows of always. 
This my little structure is an homage to the art and to the peace of the world.
Cat. Nr. 1310 d.d. 10.07.98
Adriano Bonari - Italy

Martha Aitchison - United Kingdom
I believe that everything changes, nothing endures, not even "me”. 
Clinging to these passing phenomena creates suffering. 
The way out of this suffering is to learn to concentrate the mind and keep guard over the senses, 
living in the present, trying to make intelligent choices and holding each others hand. 
When I succeed in doing this I enjoy every miraculous moment of this extraordinary experience 
called life and there is no need to look for any esoteric explanations anywhere else. 
I find it very difficult to maintain this state of mind, that is why I have created this device as an 
external reminder. 
I have chosen the snail as my heraldic animal because it can be taken as a symbol of the changing 
nature of things, with its ability to appear and disappear, while it flows with conditions as it finds them, 
estivating or hibernating as necessary. When it retires into itself it seems to close the doom of 
perception and become centered and serene. Being a nocturnal creature it could be said to be a 
moon animal, representing both the unconscious and the darker side of the psyche which has to be 
integrated into the personality in order to be sane. It embodies the female and the male as it is a 
hermaphrodite and therefore it stands also for wholeness. Finally the snail is very prolific, as any 
gardener would confirm, so it reflects the unstoppable creativity of the artist. 
The motto means 'everything changes'. 

Martha Aitchison 

Cat. Nr. 1311 d.d. 11.07.98
Martha Aitchison - United Kingdom

Kurt Beaulieu - Canada
Cat. Nr. 1312 d.d. 13.07.98
Kurt Beaulieu - Canada

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