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Le Quattro Stagioni &
The Museum of Instant Images
invite you to participate in the Mail Art project:

'Living slow / living fast'


Long, long ago, Aesopus told us about The tortoise and the hare. Who wins?
Some people want to fly into space, some people want to escape to the country.
Make your own choice, maybe you want to do both. Who don’t?

The town I live in has recently been certified as a slow city – Cittaslow.

“Fired by the success and support for Slow Food the Italians set about initiating the Slow Cities movement. Slow cities are characterised by a way of life that supports people to live slow. Traditions and traditional ways of doing things are valued. These cities stand up against the fast-lane, homogenised world so often seen in other cities throughout the world. Slow cities have less traffic, less noise, fewer crowds... ”

At the same time we are invited to be an astronaut, literally a Flying Dutchman.

“The Dutch people have always been bold entrepreneurs. They were among the first to conquer the world seas in the 16th and 17th Century in search for trade. Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) was one of the first commercial airlines founded in 1919, and the one of the very few that still exists. Space Experience Curacao (SXC) will add a historic dimension to the legacy of the Flying Dutchman by facilitating galactic travel and transport and thereby helping to open space for new benefits for mankind.”

Send me your imagination of fast and slow living,
Can you make your choice or can you imagine the contrast
in text and/or image.


Size and technique: free
Deadline to be received: April 30, 2011

Online gallery on the Internet:

Exposition in 2011 in QS Gallery
Documentation to all participants 
Info: mii@colori.nlr


Send your contribution to:
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