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Emblems are everywhere. As soon as bookprinting was invented, printers themselves started printing their own devices on the title-pages of their books. (
In the 16th and 17th centuries emblem books were very popular in most of the European countries: in Italy, Great Britain, France and in  The Netherlands. Their richness of ideas and expression influenced and inspired the great artists of those days. Research on this is still proceeding as you can see on the linked websites. ( Jongh, Kwesties van betekenis, Leiden 1995. / E. de Jongh, Still-life in the age of Rembrandt, Auckland 1982.)
An emblem is a combination of a picture (in a frame of various possible forms), a motto (a proverb or a short enigmatic expression) and a epigrammic text. The combination enables the reader to decode the hidden symbolism: good or bad qualities of persons, the company, society or religion.
The forerunner of the emblem was the mediaeval escutcheon that heraldy can tell you all about.
But it is remarkable that nowadays emblems still exist both in modern artistic form and contemporary language, expressing topical ideas. The company-sign, posters, stickers and graffiti, they all want to make their statements. Word and image teach us their lessons.
In mail art the same phenomenon occurs. In fact the principle of this artform is based on connecting word and image in order to communicate ideas of artists all over the world.
---== I Muestra Internacional de Poesia Visual y Mail Art ==---


Mail art project

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Deadline: 1st August 1998
Documentation to all participants 
Online gallery on WWW
Exhibition 8th January  - 12th February 1999  Koning Willem II College
Tatraweg 80  -  Tilburg  -  5022DS  -  NL
Exhibition Library Berkel Enschot 3/5/99-1/6/99

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